A rhinoceros horn ‘figure’ libation cup, 17th century

A rhinoceros horn ‘figure’ libation cup, 17th century. Estimate 200,000 — 300,000 HKD (22,660 - 33,991 EUR). Photo Sotheby's.

the exterior carved with a continuous scene depicting groups of scholars engaging in various leisurely activities and being attended by acolytes in a rocky landscape detailed with jagged cliffs and arboured with tall overhanging pine trees, including a group of three scholars attentively looking at a scroll and a scholar depicted sitting astride a horse and being fanned with a large plantain leaf by an acolyte, all supported on an openwork foot simulating further jagged rockwork, the horn of a dark brown colour - 15.3 cm., 6 in.

Sotheby's. Chinese Art, Hong Kong, 03 déc. 2015, 02:00 PM