Suzanne Belperron. The Belperron Saddle Series Cuff No. 4 © Verdura/Belperron

carved snowflake rock crystal “saddle” cuff, set with a vintage flexible platinum and diamond bracelet.

This unique and bold design illustrates Madame Belperron’s adaptability, incorporating and reimagining traditional art deco jewelry into a bold new statement.


Suzanne Belperron. Pair of sapphire, ruby and gold "Indian Coronet" cuffs, Belperron © Verdura/Belperron


Suzanne Belperron. The Belperron Leaves Necklace © Verdura/Belperron 

Originally designed in the mid-1930s, the Leaves Necklace reflects Suzanne Belperron’s mastery of humble splendor, a reimagining of the natural world. 18K gray gold entwines seven carved blue chalcedony leaves, 274.50 carats, twelve sapphires, 29.74 carats, and 73 old-mine cut diamonds, 9.37 carats. 


Suzanne Belperron. The Belperron Congo Cuff, ebony wood and 18K gold. © Verdura/Belperron

This tribal-inspired cuff was inspired by the influential 1931 International Colonial Exhibition in Paris, a new fashion for “barbaric” and tribal jewelry took hold.


Suzanne Belperron photographed by Horst. © Verdura/Belperron


Duke Fulco di Verdura. The Verdura Medusa Ring, © Verdura/Belperron

gold and ruby, inspired by the Verdura and Dali Medusa brooch, created during Verdura’s 1941 collaboration with Salvador Dali


Duke Fulco di Verdura. Vintage “Leaf & Flower” bracelet © Verdura/Belperron

platinum mounting set with 30.77 carats of European-cut round diamonds. Made in 1954 for Mrs. Vincent (Brooke) Astor.


Duke Fulco di Verdura. Vintage Verdura “Raja” Ring, platinum, with a 13 carat Ceylon sapphire, diamond and turquoise, 1958 © Verdura/Belperron


Duke Fulco di Verdura. Dogwood Pendant Brooch © Verdura/Belperron

Pink tourmaline, yellow sapphire and gold. Shown with Tendril Knot chain, 33" length, sold separately.


Duke Fulco di Verdura photographed by George Platt Lynes © Verdura/Belperron

Verdura/Belperron. TEFAF Maastricht 2017. Stand 146