Yaozhou Peony Plate, Northern Song Dynasty, 960-1127 A

Yaozhou Peony Plate, Northern Song Dynasty, 960-1127 A.D., China. Diameter: 19cm. © Zetterquist Galleries.

A stoneware plate with flared outer walls and notched foliate form mouthrim. The flattened bottom sits on a finely cut foot-rim, which is unglazed at the very bottom, revealing a dense gray stoneware body. The outside walls are decorated with lightly incised fluting, and the inside of the bowl is deeply and masterfully carved and combed with a depiction of a peony. The entire piece is covered with an ideal olive green celadon glaze. Some surface scratching and glaze fritting around the foot-rim. 

A similar piece is depicted in the Osaka Museum of Oriental Ceramics’ 1997 publication “Masterpieces of Yaozhou Ceramics”, pl. 63.

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