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Indian Jewelry at Sotheby's London, 25 Apr 2018



Lot 155. A gem-set and enamelled necklace, earrings and ring, India, circa 19th century. Estimate 10,000 — 15,000Unsold. Courtesy Sotheby’s 2018. 

 the gold necklace composed of rectangular beads each depicting a flower with a central diamond set in the kundan technique, red enamel petals against a green criss-cross design, the reverse enamelled with red and green floral blossoms on a white ground, with hanging gem-set and seed pearl beads, matching pendant earrings, together with a large bulbous ring set with a carved emerald and polychrome enamel body; necklace: 23cm. length; each earring: 6cm; interior of ring: 1.7cm. diam. 


Lot 157. A gem-set and enamelled necklace, India, 19th century. Estimate 10,000 — 15,000Unsold. Courtesy Sotheby’s 2018.

comprising alternating diamonds, and rubies or spinels set in gold with foil backing, on flexible linked chain with hanging drops, enamelled on the reverse in red, green and blue with a flower on each setting, string strap with seed pearl terminals; 30.2cm. length of row of gemstones.






Lot 153. A fine Mughal gem-set inscribed jade pendant, North India, 18th-19th century. Estimate 8,000 — 12,000Unsold. Courtesy Sotheby’s 2018.

the jade pendant of lobed form, one side inlaid with gold and highlighted with inset foil-backed green stones and diamonds with a crescent moon amongst floral and bird motifs, the reverse featuring an incised calligraphic medallion within an inscribed border, gold floral motifs along the edges, with a green and metal-thread necklace; pendant: 5 by 5.8cm.

In the centre: The Shahada
In the borders: The nada ‘Ali quatrain, followed by: 'There is no youth [as brave as] ‘Ali, no sword [as sharp as] dhu’l-faqar
And invocation to God as: ‘O the Judge of needs! O Sufficient of necessities! O the Healer of ailments!’


Lot 156. A diamond-set and enamelled necklace and earrings, India, 20th century. Estimate 6,000 — 8,000Lot Sold 16,250 GBP (18,597 EUR). Courtesy Sotheby’s 2018. 

comprised of facet-cut diamonds set in gold with foil backing on linked chains, with a hanging pendant in the form of a stylised flowerhead, enamelled on the reverse in red, green, yellow, blue and white with foliate details on each setting, gold chain, together with a pair of matching earrings, in bespoke box. Quantity: 3 - diamond section: 23cm. max. length - each earring: 6.2cm. 


Lot 158. A pair of large gem-set earrings with seed pearls, India, late 19th-early 20th century. Estimate 5,000 — 8,000Lot Sold 6,250 GBP (7,153 EUR). Courtesy Sotheby’s 2018. 

each of openwork design, with a flowerhead ear-piece with hanging drop and crescent-shape containing two facing birds, gemstones set with foil-backing, seed-pearl fringes, attachment string. Quantity: 2 - each earring: 13cm. with string: 23.2cm. 

Note: Stylistically, these earrings share a similar design with a nose-ring (balu) in the National Museum, New Delhi (inv. no.87.1168), attributed to Himachal Pradesh, early twentieth century (Krishan and Kumar 2001, p.177, no.276). 

Sotheby's. Arts of the Islamic World, London, 25 Apr 2018, 10:30 AM 

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