A set of three gold-mounted Du Paquier porcelain flasks and an agate cup in a Japanese lacquer box, Vienna, circa 1725-1730© Galerie Kugel

Provenance-Empress Maria Theresa (1717-80);
-Brandýs Castle, Brandýs nad Labem (Brandeis an der Elbe), near Prague, by ca. 1918;
-Dr. Quido Szopkó, Southern Slovakia, acquired ca. 1920, thence by descent;
-Sold by the descendants of the above after 1993.


An inscription at the bottom of this small agate cup contained within the Japanese lacquer casket reads, “de la cassette de thé/ de l’Impératrice/ Marie Thérèse”. © Galerie Kugel

The casket contains three gold-mounted Du Paquier porcelain flasks, of the same type that were often awarded as presents or prizes by Emperor Charles VI.


A Japanese lacquer casket produced for the European market containing a set of three gold-mounted du Pasquier porcelain flasks and an agate cup made in Vienna circa 1725-1730© Galerie Kugel