Frans Snyders (Antwerp, 1579-1659), Still life with lobster, artichokes, asparagus and fruits, circa 1630-1640. Oil on panel, 78.5 x 85 cm. © Klaas Muller.

Dr. Fred Meijer confirmed the work to be an authentic painting by Frans Snyders.


Rombout Verhulst (attributed to) (Mechelen 1624-1698 The Hague), Flemish school, 17th century, Portrait of a Spanish nobleman. Terracotta. H 61 cm © Klaas Muller.


Martinus Nellius (Leiden (?) 1621-1719 Den Hague), Still life with melon, blackberries, pomegranate, black radishes and butterflies and a glass of wine, 1697. Oil on oak panel, in a richly carved 17th century wooden frame, 29 x 38.5 cm. Monogrammed and dated: M N 1697. © Klaas Muller.