A blue and white 'hundred antiques' sleeve vase, rolwagen, Chongzhen period (1628-1644)

Lot 95. A blue and white 'hundred antiques' sleeve vase, rolwagen, Chongzhen period (1628-1644); 45.7cm (18in) highEstimate £ 25,000 - 30,000€ (29,000 - 35,000)Sold for £ 27,562 (€ 31,285) © Bonhams 2001-2019

Finely painted around the exterior in vibrant tones of cobalt-blue with a continuous scene of various antique vessels and vases with arranged flowers, all between incised borders on the foot and shoulders, the short flaring neck with pendent plantain leaves.

NoteThe design known as the 'hundred antiques' encapsulates the traditional scholar's interest in collecting various objects which symbolised his refinement and learning. It was fashionable to use antiques as decoration on porcelain in the late Ming and early Qing periods. See for example, the same motif on an ovoid jar and cover, Chongzhen, illustrated in Seventeenth century Jingdezhen Porcelain from the Shanghai Museum and the Butler Collections: Beauty's Enchantment, Shanghai, 2005, pp.90-91, no.13.

Compare with a very similar blue and white sleeve vase with the same motif of the 'hundred antiques' and flowers, Chongzhen, illustrated by J.Harrison-Hall, Ming Ceramics in the British Museum, London, 2001, p.388, no.12:87

Bonhams. Fine Chinese Art, London, 16 May 2019