Egyptian Kohl vessel in the shape of the god Bes, Ptolemaic period, 332-30 BC. Faience, turquoise-green glaze H 6.2 cm. © Galerie Cybele

Provenance: private collection, Paris, 1960.


Torso of a youth, Asia Minor, Ionia, Smyrna, Hellenistic period, 3rd century BC. Reddish clay. H 11.5 cm. © Galerie Cybele.

Provenance: Lucien Mellerio collection, Paris, 1879-1943.


Amphoriskos, Egypt, New Kingdom, 1500 BC. Blue faience. H 10.5 cm. © Galerie Cybele.

Provenance: Madeleine Meunier collection (1921-2009), Paris, France, acquired between 1950-1970