Annam (Vietnam), Second Coin - Thien-Phuoc Tran-Bao (Tian Fu Zhen Bao).

This is the second coin Annam/Vietnam had minted in her history. The name of this coin is Thien-Phuoc Tran-Bao (or called Tian Fu Zhen Bao). Minted during AD 986 in north part of Vietnam. Poor mint quality. Size: around 21 mm in diameter. Reverse: Chinese Character "Li", which means minted by Li (Ly) Dynasty. US $11.05 @ coinsxzh


The former 黎 Le Dynasty. - 981-1010.

General LE-HOAN ascended the throne under the name of 天福 THIEN-PHUOC, and, following the policy initiated by his predecessor, secured peace on the frontiers by successful wars against China and Ciampa.

His son and successor, called LONG-VIET, was murdered by his brother 臥朝 NGOA-TRIEU, three days after he had come to power. This prince, whose conduct was extremely cruel and bad, soon afterwards proclaimed himself king and committed every kind of excess and crime, inventing new tortures and ruining the country in every way. With his death the LE Dynasty came to an end.


No. 3. (Barker: 2.1-2.7)
Obverse: 天福鎮寶 Thien-phuc-tran-bao, or provincial coin of Thien-phuoc. At that time, as some fifty years before in China, the provinces of Annam were called 鎮 TRAN.
Reverse: The character 黎 LE, the name of the Dynasty.


No. 4. (Barker: none)
Obverse: Only the character 黎 LE in the lower part of the square hole.
Reverse: plain.

The above two coins were cast in the 5th moon of the 5th year of 大行 DAI-HANH (986). They were made principally of white copper, and are rather smaller than the ordinary Chinese cash.