Annam, Dai Tri Nguyen Bao, 1358-69-XF

Dai Tri Nguyen Bao was casted from 1358 to 1369. Diameter:23mm - Weight:2.9g - Reverse: Plain. 150 USD @ asean_coins_wholesaler 

Note in Toda


No. 23. (Barker: 20.17)
Same as before, but having 元寶 Nguyen-bao instead of Thong-bao.

Of all kings of the Tran Dynasty, Du-tong cast most cash, and this was due to the calamities suffered by the country during his reign; for, owing to the repeated loss of crops, there were frequent distributions of cash to the people This king was also the first who, during his second nien-hao, cast the three above coins of size equal to those current in China.

His successor did not cast cash, but some were issued by the rebels who were in arms from this period until the end of the dynasty.